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History and experience of TPD Frankowski

Company „Transport, Przetwórstwo Drewna Jacek Frankowski” known as „TPD Jacek Frankowski” was set up on 20th of July 1992. At the beginning the company offered mainly forwarding services of wood material. Due to movements on the market and increased demand on packaging materials company branched out into manufacturing wooden pallets. Currently the company deals with manufacturing final products and manages wood delivery for own account.
Despite the fact that the company doesn’t deliver wood material to customers a word „transport” („delivery”) couldn’t be removed from enterprise name due to brand recognition gained during 25 years of being on the market.

During all those years facing with raising demand on wooden pallets, sales market growth and hard work of its founders and employees, company has became part of history of purchasing wood material and achieved satisfying sales index and employment level leaving Polish opponents behind by processing over 100 thousand m3 of wood per year

Company holds essential certificates to be competitive on the european market such as ISPM 15 certificate and EPAL certificate. Main products we sell are disposable pallets however the company can also offer Euro epal pallets.

Due to application of automatic lines to put pallets together we can offer stronger and more deformation-resistant products.

As a business partner and manufacturer we know that flexibility, reliability and ability to offer short leadtime to our clients are the most important features for a supplier. Aware of all that we provide fast quotation, quick replies on inquiries and staying in touch with customers in every moment they need us.

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